Cobundle penetration testing of infrastructure for financial clients with your financial solutions

Enhance your financial solutions by bundling them with an additional addon solution for cybersecurity.

Original solution

Any technology solution for finance industry. ERP, Cloud, Workflow etc.

Addon solution

Penetration test of infrastructure for financial company.  Assess the entire infrastructure of the finance company using black-box testing. White hackers have been able to find compromised user accounts and potential vulnerabilities as these accounts can be stolen.


An Oil & Gas Software Company seeks engineering firms in the oil & gas sector to co-sell solutions

We are a US and Europe-based software development firm. We are looking for a partner in an engineering services firm catering to the oil and gas industry. There could be a possibility of co-selling and cross-selling each other’s services.

We have experience in oil & gas software solutions across the following subdomains:

  • Oil and Gas simulation and modeling software.
  • Upstream oil and gas software
  • Oil and Gas Inspection Software
  • Pipeline management system