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Zeroik is a uncommon industry growth partner. We help tech focused industrials grow with growth opportunities, solutions & insights.

Why us?

Our work crosses the boundaries of tech business development, partnership development, opportunity connections, marketing assistance, industry trends, and growth strategy. We are obsessed with improving measurable business results for industrials.

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Zeroik Offerings

Business Development

  • Growth opportunity
  • Marketing & sales assistance
  • Industry connections

Ecosystem growth

  • Win-win opportunity
  • Discover new partners, vendors
  • Grow industry footprint

Growth Consultancy

  • Marketing
  • Industry
  • Technology

We help with

Business Development

  • Develop client partnerships
  • Build partner ecosystem
  • Sales & marketing collaboration

Business Solutions

  • Sell business solutions
  • Buy business solutions
  • Expand sales channels


How do you market yourself in an industry with a very long sales cycle? Buyers in education typically take nine to 18 months to finalize a sale, and the influencers and decision makers in the “buyers cloud” require a personalized and nuanced approach to win them over and convert the sale. To generate quality top-of-funnel leads, an education marketing agency must clearly understand what works—and equally important, what doesn’t in this sector whether it be for K-12 or higher education marketing

Financial Services

Financial services companies operate in a highly regulated environment with strict guidelines around how they can market their offerings. Understanding that environment and helping them avoid risk is paramount for a B2B marketing agency, which must promote the company’s financial products and services in a legally compliant manner while still being creative enough to attract prospective customers. Research, a sound strategy, solid messaging and a well-thought-out marketing plan are essential prior to launching a brand, an offering or a campaign.


Zeroik is a digital agency dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations. Zeroik builds effective marketing and touchpoints that help nonprofits organizations achieve core business objectives. We provide digital strategy and execution for nonprofits and cause-based organizations.

Latest Opportunities

Partner with Azati & access its engineering talent in insurance tech

Azati proudly serves as a primary IT partner for a leading national insurance company in the USA, affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway. Specializing in individual insurance, claims settlement, and patient safety and risk reduction solutions for medical professionals and institutions, our collaboration began with the formation of a dedicated team of IT specialists. Throughout this partnership, we have successfully executed numerous client project initiatives.

Insurance | Poland | USA

Salesforce consultancy firm Aekot is looking for partnerships with Healthcare IT Providers

Aekot is a distinguished Salesforce consultancy with deep expertise in working with healthcare industry clients.

We are looking to partner with healthcare IT providers to jointly develop integration solutions for mutual clients. This partnership could involve co-marketing efforts and joint product development to enhance interoperability and data integration across platforms.

Healthcare | India

Top-rated IT development firm Arbisoft will solve hospitality industry problems with it’s solutions

Since 2008, Arbisoft and KAYAK have forged a robust technology partnership, collaborating on pivotal aspects of KAYAK’s software infrastructure. Founded by industry pioneers Paul English and Steve Hafner, KAYAK is renowned as a premier travel search engine, distinguished by its strong in-house engineering capabilities. KAYAK’s mission is centered on simplifying and expediting travel bookings, offering comprehensive aggregated search results spanning flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Hospitality | USA

Industry-Focused Growth Solutions

Trend based AdWords ad Management

  • Research industry trends
  • Build campaigns
  • Identify keywords
  • Manage performance

Trend based Growth Strategy

  • Research industry trends
  • Research competition
  • Identify low hanging opportunity
  • Design Go to market tactics

Zeroik Trends


  • Journey-Based Customer Communication
  • Autonomous Risk Mitigation
  • Room-Temperature Optical Interconnects


  • Open-Source Chip Design
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Servitization Platforms
  • Sustainable Textile


  • Cloud-Native Banking Solutions
  • Enterprise-Grade Staking
  • Automated Tax-Loss Harvesting
  • Remote DeFi Solutions

News & Trends

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