Align your campaign around celebration day.


A campaign was launched by Prostate Cancer UK to honor fathers and at the same time, increase awareness about prostate cancer, a disease that claims the lives of 11,500 men annually.

For those who have lost their fathers, Father’s Day can be a challenging occasion. To commemorate the day, a television advertisement was created to honor real fathers and their endearing qualities, such as warm embraces, comical Dad dancing, and subpar DIY skills. The advertisement featured home-video clips set to a customized version of “She’s the One,” with lyrics focused on fathers.

By celebrating the little moments that make fathers who they are, the Ode to Dads campaign not only helped to generate essential funds but also increased awareness of the disease.

Campaign ideas

  • “Day of Kindness”: Organize a campaign on a specific day dedicated to acts of kindness and generosity. Encourage people to engage in random acts of kindness such as volunteering, donating, or helping others in need. Partner with local charities and organizations to amplify the impact and promote the spirit of giving.
  • “International Friendship Day”: Host events and activities that celebrate diversity, cultural exchange, and friendship. Arrange community gatherings, cultural performances, and workshops where people can learn about different traditions and build meaningful connections. Collaborate with local community centers, schools, and youth organizations to organize inclusive and interactive events.
  • “World Environment Day”: Launch a campaign focused on environmental conservation and sustainability. Conduct tree planting drives, clean-up initiatives, educational workshops, and awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of protecting the environment. Partner with environmental organizations, schools, and local communities to maximize impact.
  • “Global Health and Wellness Week”: Dedicate a week to promoting physical and mental well-being. Organize fitness challenges, workshops, and health screenings. Collaborate with healthcare professionals, fitness experts, and wellness centers to provide valuable resources and encourage healthy habits.
  • “International Women’s Day”: Raise awareness about gender equality and women’s empowerment. Organize panel discussions, workshops, and mentorship programs that address gender bias, advocate for women’s rights, and support women’s entrepreneurship. Collaborate with women-focused organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to amplify the impact.
  • “World Education Day”: Launch a campaign that emphasizes the importance of education for all. Organize fundraising events, scholarship programs, book drives, and interactive workshops to promote access to quality education. Partner with schools, universities, and educational foundations to support disadvantaged students and highlight educational opportunities.
  • “Community Pride Day”: Celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of the community. Organize parades, cultural festivals, and art exhibitions that showcase different cultures, traditions, and identities. Collaborate with LGBTQ+ organizations, community centers, and local businesses to create an atmosphere of acceptance and pride.
  • “Bias-Free Media Awards”: Create an annual awards ceremony that recognizes media outlets, journalists, and content creators who consistently produce unbiased and inclusive content. The awards can serve as a way to promote and celebrate media organizations that align their messaging with societal biases and encourage others to do the same.
  • “National Volunteer Week”: Encourage individuals to engage in volunteer activities for various causes. Connect volunteers with local charities, shelters, hospitals, and environmental organizations that align with their interests. Highlight the impact of volunteerism through success stories and encourage more people to contribute to their communities.
  • “World Humanitarian Day”: Promote acts of humanitarianism and solidarity. Organize fundraising campaigns, blood drives, and awareness events that highlight the challenges faced by vulnerable populations worldwide. Collaborate with humanitarian organizations, local communities, and schools to educate and engage people in supporting humanitarian efforts.