Founded in 2012 by an ambitious game developer who had been working in Japan in game development companies, the company initially focused on creating indie visual novels for publishing in Japan. However, as time progressed, the scope of activities expanded.

The company began collaborating with clients from various parts of the globe, working on full PC games published on Steam, popular VR titles, VR simulations, and training apps. Eventually, the company also ventured into creating console titles.

In addition to game development, the company diversified its portfolio by delving into full Blockchain applications, encompassing smart contracts, web design, backend development, as well as smartphone applications and traditional web applications. Furthermore, the company extended its services to include the creation of plugins for WordPress.

Moreover, the company specializes in producing in-game cinematics and VFX cinematics, utilizing tools such as Blender, After Effects, Reallusion tools, among others.

Zeroik Opportunities

  • XR VR solutions for corporate learning
  • Game development for B2C brands