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Cloud Compliance

Trend Cloud compliance is critical for ensuring regulatory standards and providing compliance controls for networks and cloud infrastructure. It enhances visibility over cloud workloads and network flows, which is essential for continuous compliance and protection against server malware, container threats,…

Smart Logistics

Trend Smart logistics utilizes technology like real-time tracking to optimize supply chain operations. Real-time tracking involves employing sensors and GPS technology to monitor the location and condition of goods continuously. These sensors provide data on factors such as temperature, humidity,…


Trend Nearshoring involvesĀ relocating business operations to a nearby country or region, often with lower labor costs. Reshoring means bringing business operations back to the company’s home country, typically after offshoring. Stats Companies

Serverless Cloud

Trend Serverless computing is a cloud execution model where servers are dynamically managed by the provider. Applications run in stateless containers triggered by events, with benefits like auto-scaling and pay-as-you-go pricing. It’s ideal for reducing infrastructure management and optimizing costs….