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Partner with Azati & access its engineering talent in insurance tech

Azati proudly serves as a primary IT partner for a leading national insurance company in the USA, affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway. Specializing in individual insurance, claims settlement, and patient safety and risk reduction solutions for medical professionals and institutions, our collaboration began with the formation of a dedicated team of IT specialists. Throughout this partnership, we have successfully executed numerous client project initiatives.

Insurance | Poland | USA

Top-rated IT development firm Arbisoft will solve hospitality industry problems with it’s solutions

Since 2008, Arbisoft and KAYAK have forged a robust technology partnership, collaborating on pivotal aspects of KAYAK’s software infrastructure. Founded by industry pioneers Paul English and Steve Hafner, KAYAK is renowned as a premier travel search engine, distinguished by its strong in-house engineering capabilities. KAYAK’s mission is centered on simplifying and expediting travel bookings, offering comprehensive aggregated search results spanning flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Hospitality | USA

Technology solutions for Health Media Company by Ralabs

Partner with Ralabs to capitalize on the burgeoning business opportunities in the healthcare and media sectors. Expertise in Healthcare Technology: We specialize in developing cutting-edge solutions tailored for healthcare and media companies. Our experience includes creating visually appealing, user-friendly dashboards that adhere to accessibility standards, ensuring inclusivity and enhancing user engagement.

Healthcare | Estonia