Zeroik Pricing

We give B2B tech businesses a disproportionate advantage



  • List one opportunity
  • Pay per opportunity*

*$10 to $40/opportunity lead



  • List multiple opportunities
  • Zero cost per opportunity lead
  • Proactive opportunity connection
  • Business development consultancy


from $90/month

  • List multiple opportunities
  • Zero cost per opportunity lead
  • Proactive opportunity connection.
  • Business development consultancy
  • Business development execution*

*Pricing can change based on custom requirements.

Zeroik Opportunity Pricing

  • Growth Opportunity – Connect with the next growth opportunity using our network of technology focused B2B companies.
  • Business Development Assistance – Build unstoppable growth with a business development assistance. We cover every facet of growth from marketing to product. From strategy to execution. From customers to partnership.

$10/opportunity to $40/opportunity

Zeroik Pro

  • Uncommon consultancy
  • Opportunity listing
  • Hands on matching
  • 15% discount on solutions
  • List your solution*


*We list solutions which align with our trends-based growth philosophy.

Zeroik Team

  • Uncommon consultancy
  • Opportunity listing
  • Hands on matching
  • 20% discount on solutions
  • List your solution*
  • Industry Trends Research


*We list solutions which align with our trends-based growth philosophy.

Zeroik Network

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Zeroik FAQs

We’ve done a lot of great work across a variety of industries and organizations. However, our unique skills and point of view on marketing are best utilized by organizations and teams that can emphatically answer YES to the following questions:

  • Do you sell a complex product or service that requires customization and/or white glove support?
  • Do you sell to a complicated buying committee rather than an individual decision maker?
  • Does your leadership believe marketing & partnership can and should be a revenue driver?
  • Does your leadership believe in being customer-centric and in the value of relationships?

You’re in luck! We hate being locked into long-term contracts with no way out. All of our engagements come with a 30-day out. No limitations. Let’s say you simply can’t stand our brand color scheme, and want out…no problem. Just give us a 30-day notice.

The only caveat is if you are pre-paying for services. In that case, whatever you have prepaid is locked in and will not be refunded.

Zeroik Pricing FAQs

Like most marketplaces, their readiness to do business quickly varies. Those qualified by Zeroik tend to be more ready, others are still getting their options. The ability to close opportunity comes down to how effective your sales process is.

Click the blue Get Started button on this page, complete the quick application, and you’ll hear from us in a few business days.

All opportunities have been reviewed by the Zeroik team before being set live. The occasional opportunity will reach out to Zeroik and have a phone call where we determine they are a better fit for this offering. We note this on the listing. We also ask them to confirm their opportunity(via SMS or email) and intention to find a business partner before the opportunity is approved.

B2B Focus: B2B startups and scaleups need to understand the intricacies of business-to-business interactions.

Product-Market Fit: Success hinges on achieving a proven product-market fit tailored to meet specific industry needs.

Industry-Specific Tailoring: Customizing offerings to address industry-specific pain points is essential for success.

Every opportunity includes, at minimum, the point of contact’s name, email address, and website. Approximately 2/3 also contain a phone number. Approximately 1/2 have had a phone conversation with Zeroik.

To ensure the reliability of the network, Zeroik vets every member on two main components: 

  1. Company: you must verify that your company has a valid web presence:
    • A valid email address
    • Your website details
    • Your LinkedIn & social presence
  2. Case studies: We need access to industry case studies to assess the uniqueness and industry applications of your offerings.

We market Zeroik to grow network and generate the qualified opportunities that you are looking for. We primarily drive audience and client inquiries through our own network, SEO rankings, content marketing, & paid advertising across various platforms.

No. We do not guarantee that any of the opportunity will be a good fit for your business. Common opportunity coming through Zeroik are for Co-selling, Reselling, Co-marketing, Subcontracting, Client partnership & Resource sharing.

Opportunities in the Network cost from $10-$40 per opportunity depending on amount of contact information and if Zeroik has spoken with them and verified the opprtunity. You can reduce your cost per opportunity by approximately 100% with an Zeroik subscription ($40/mo paid quarterly or $90/mo paid monthly).

There is no limit on how many providers can purchase each opportunity. What we can tell you is that as of January 2024 each opportunity is contacted on average .7 times. This means there is a lot of opportunity for you in the Zeroik Network! We also tell you before you purchase a opportunity how many times it has already been purchased.

Refunds are only provided when a opportunity responds to you and says that they did not submit it and were not looking for a firm OR if the opportunity is pure spam and somehow got through our review process (rare, but we’re human too). Otherwise, it is a opportunity and you now have their contact information, so you should work that opportunity to do business and grow your firm.

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Value engineering, product & package engineering, automation and supply chain with multi-disciplinary engineering expertise.


Engineering Services all needs of our clients for Concept Engineering, Feed Engineering and Detail Engineering, Feasibility Studies Revamp/ modification Engineering, Detail Engineering and construction engineering for all discipline of engineering.

Better sound

Detail engineering design of mechanical and rotating equipment packages & skid type packages – Developement of drawings and 3D model, Procurement support, fabrication drawings, installation and operating procedures, Manual writing.

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Automation Services – PLC, ESD, F&G, DCS and SCADA system Programming and coding for Siemens, Rockwell and Schneider. Experience software developers for IoT, PLC and SCADA.

Supply Chain Management

Material procurement with cost, schedule and risk management. Procurement. Vendor selection, product selection and material tracking.