Since 2000, Siam Coconut has been Singapore’s top producer and distributor of coconut and plant-based products. They needed to streamline their ordering, sales, and delivery operations for greater efficiency. That’s where OrangeKloud came in. As a No-Code App Development Platform and Service Provider, OrangeKloud empowered Siam Coconut with custom mobile apps, built in record time without a single line of code!

Siam Coconut’s mobile app, powered by OrangeKloud and Zebra, led to increased customer satisfaction through convenient self-ordering and faster deliveries. It also improved operational efficiency by streamlining order processing, sales, and delivery, and boosted sales thanks to agile on-site transactions and reduced administrative overhead. Siam Coconut’s story is a testament to the power of No-Code App Development and its ability to empower businesses of all sizes to innovate and thrive in the digital age.