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Zeroik membership – FAQs

It is free to try for 28 days. It will costs $40/month afterwards.

Your Zeroik membership will include:

  • Access to a exclusive B2B deals from B2B solution providers.
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  • Get proactive assistance in finding new customers
  • Get proactive assistance in finding new partners
  • Connect with new B2B investors & deal makers.
  • Get Zeroik solutions worth $100.
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No, Zeroik does not charge commission for any of the deals closed via connections generated through Zeroik.

To ensure the reliability of the network, Zeroik vets every member on two main components: 

  1. Company: you must verify that your company has a valid web presence:
    • A valid email address
    • Your website details
    • Your LinkedIn & social presence
  2. Case studies: We need access to industry case studies to assess the uniqueness and industry applications of your offerings.

We accept only B2B businesses with unique case studies, exclusive deals, and proven industry success stories.