WEZOM was born in 1999. They developed more than 1000 digital solutions for logistics, energy and manufacturing companies. They have built custom Driver App, TMS, Digital Logbook Software, Freight Broker Software, WMS for desktop, iOS and Android platforms.

Zeroik Opportunities

  • Co-selling – Co-sell your services to Oil & Gas industries with WEZOM’s connections.
  • Reselling – Resell your services/products in the Oil & Gas, Utility and Transport sectors.
  • Co-marketing – Collaborate on cross-marketing services, leveraging each other’s social followers.
  • Subcontracting – Benefit from teams located in the European time zone to serve your clients better.
  • Client partnership – Gain access to and collaborate on technology solutions for addressing the challenges in the Oil & Gas, Utility and Transport sectors.
  • Resource sharing – Share teams and reap the benefits of nearshore European location.