Savvycom stands as a leading Information Technology company in Vietnam, renowned for its expertise in digital transformation consulting and software solutions tailored for finance, healthcare, and retail sectors. With headquarters in Hanoi and representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City, USA, and Australia, Savvycom combines global reach with local insight to effectively serve domestic and international businesses.

Our mission is rooted in leveraging Vietnam’s engineering resources to empower enterprises worldwide through technology, aiming to establish leadership not only in the ASEAN region but also on a global scale. We differentiate ourselves through a comprehensive service portfolio that includes digital consulting, software development, and specialized solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of each industry we serve.

At Savvycom, we prioritize excellence in everything we do, ensuring high standards of quality, reliability, and client satisfaction in every project. Our approach is characterized by innovation and collaboration, where we continuously push boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive business growth and operational efficiency.

Choosing to collaborate with Savvycom means gaining access to advanced IT capabilities, tailored solutions, and a steadfast commitment to harnessing technology for the success and transformation of businesses worldwide.