For 10 years, Greelow has been providing top software development services to clients in Canada, USA, Israel, and Spain. The company boasts extensive experience in delivering small to large-scale projects, earning the trust of clients who rely on them for innovative IT solutions tailored to meet their technical needs.

From prototyping to full-scale mobile and web app development, quality assurance testing, and systems management, partnering with Greelow for outsourcing your IT services grants you access to a talented and experienced team without the overhead costs of hiring and training in-house staff. Moreover, Latin America provides one of the most favorable time zones for outsourcing projects, ensuring efficient collaboration and timely delivery.

Exploring the numerous advantages of nearshore outsourcing with Greelow, one finds their dedicated, culturally aligned team ensuring smooth communication and technical expertise at a reduced cost. Clients experience greater flexibility, accelerated project completion, and minimized time zone disparities, propelling their digital transformation forward today.

Zeroik Opportunities

  • Co-selling – Market your services to the North American market with Greelow’s nearshore presence.
  • Reselling – Resell your services/products in the education and healthcare sectors to the North American market.
  • Co-marketing – Collaborate on cross-marketing services, leveraging each other’s social followers.
  • Subcontracting – Benefit from teams located in the North American time zone to serve your clients better.
  • Client partnership – Gain access to and collaborate on technology solutions for addressing the challenges in the education, healthcare, and charity industries.
  • Resource sharing – Share teams and reap the benefits of nearshore location.