Azati uses cutting-edge technologies, open-source frameworks, tools and libraries to provide all kinds of IT-services. Our technology stack is used for architecting, designing and development of reliable and high-performed solutions. We have a great experience to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

Potential partners
  • Financial and Insurance Sectors: Leveraging our expertise in internet banking systems, insurance self-service systems, and AI-based trading advisors. Technology collaboration already exists with MedPro Group.
  • Technology Stack Providers: Companies specializing in Spring, Hibernate, Ruby On Rails, React, Node.js, and TensorFlow.
  • Life Sciences and Biotechnology Firms: Utilizing our experience with AI search engines and NLP solutions in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Oil & Gas Industry: Collaborating with firms to enhance AI and computer vision applications for data extraction and processing.
  • Data Overload: We help businesses manage and analyze large volumes of data using AI and machine learning, transforming raw data into actionable insights.
  • Customer Self-Service: By developing internet banking systems and insurance self-service platforms, we enable financial institutions to provide better, more efficient customer service.
  • AI Integration: Our AI-based trading advisors and AI search engines enhance decision-making and streamline operations in financial services and life sciences.
  • Operational Efficiency: We implement solutions like process automation and optimization, which improve productivity and reduce costs in various industries.
  • Complexity in Software Development: Our expertise in frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Ruby On Rails, React, Node.js, and TensorFlow allows us to build robust, scalable, and maintainable systems.
  • Data Extraction and Processing: For the Oil & Gas industry, we utilize AI and computer vision to improve data extraction and processing, leading to more informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

These solutions are tailored to resolve specific challenges in the financial, life sciences, and oil & gas sectors, among others, enhancing overall business performance and innovation.