At Alt Digital Technologies, we leverage cutting-edge technology and creativity to innovate for maximum client benefit. Specializing as a Unified Commerce Platform Partner, we excel in delivering seamless digital customer experiences. Our solutions empower B2C & B2B companies with fast, reliable, and cost-effective tech eCommerce implementations.

Potential partners
  • B2C e-commerce company: Leveraging our expertise in managing and scaling complex retail solutions.
  • Home-Furnishings Products Manufacturer: For companies with larger catalogs featuring millions of SKUs, we offer scalable solutions to handle extensive product data.
  • Multinational companies in need of managing systems across countries: Utilizing our experience in managing a diverse product ecosystem across 15+ countries with over 40,000 products requires addressing scalability, data handling, and localized user experience challenges.
  • Multisite Architecture: We have managed multi-site retail solutions for a diverse product selection.
  • Data Migration: We have expertise in migrating customer, order, and catalog data from legacy systems to new cloud-based solutions
  • API-First Approach & Cloud Service Integration: We have expertise in building the platform on an API-first approach, ensuring seamless integration with cloud services. This provides a scalable architecture with loose coupling, enabling flexibility and robustness in system design.